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Company Atlantica is engaged in wholesale deliveries of frozen meat and meat products on the territory of Russian Federation. Our main supplying countries are Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay, Paraguay also we import meat from USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and EU countries.

Company Atlantica is focused on the business with wholesalers and meat processing plants. We supply meat at any region of Russian Federation considering commercial interests and processing requirements of our clients.

Meat and meat products that company Atlantica supplies correspond to the high level of quality needed for our customers, who could be assured in regularity of deliveries. All meat products are supplied with needed documents including veterinary.

Employees of company Atlantica – highly skilled experts in meat market, who can make right business process for client’s convenience from order to delivery of the goods.

All needed information you can learn by our contact phones or by sending inquiry on e-mail.


Tel.: + 7 (812) 425-12-60